Facility-Booking App

We adopt a modular approach in creating the most suitable facility-booking system for you. You can decide on the functions that you require and save costs on redundant or excessive aspects.


Apart from having an exclusive App made specially for you, the following FEATURES are add-ons to your system. You may choose to either include all the below features or just the ones you really need.


Book facilities

Automate the process of facilities booking and streamline mundane workflows of related coordination and confirmation. Users are also able to make bookings easily at their convenience, anytime, anywhere with their mobile devices.


Register for events 

Administrators are able to upload information of new events or upcoming programmes. They are then given the option to send a notification alert to all users. Interested participants will be able to sign up for these open events via the app.


Report defects or irregularities

Using the app, users are able to take a snapshot of any defects in shared facilities or communal spaces. Maintenance officers or designated persons-in-charge will receive notification alerts and look into the concerned matter more efficiently. 



As we advance towards a cashless society, our app provides a hassle-free electronic payment gateway that allows payment via the app. For example, payment of booking fees or management funds for condo users.

Your Exclusive App

Many facility-booking system providers use a generic app as a centralised platform to host your booking solution. However, with Dojocube, we will develop a unique app specially for you. Your users will be able to download your own exclusive app from the Apple App Store or Android Play Store.

Android & iOS Compatible

Our booking App works great on both Android and iOS, allowing easy access to the booking system on any mobile devices that support the above platforms. The App can be downloaded directly from App Store or Play Store.


Push Notifications

Wonder how to reach a larger audience for your upcoming event? Or is there an important message that has to be disseminated quickly to your users? All these are now easily achievable with the in-built notification alert function.


Technical Support

After-sales support remains a significant part of our business. As we take pride in selling a useful product that is highly valued by our customers, technical assistance is made readily available should the need arises.


Let’s work within your budget

We perfectly understand the need to manage costs and hence we are open to work out a feasible solution with you. Simply drop us an email to arrange for a non-obligatory consultation today.